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FREE Commercial Energy Audit

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Free Commercial Energy Audit

Are your gas bills to high?

Are you wasting to much energy?

Are their inefficiencies in your building?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, you could be paying for un-used resources.

Northern Weathermakers HVAC, Inc. will work closely with your building/operations management to help provide information and recommendations to help solve your energy needs. We will provide a professional assessment of your energy efficiency and overall building performance.

What is a Commercial Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a study of both your building’s energy consuming equipment and the thermal aspects of the design and construction of its roof, walls, and floor.

Our commercial energy audits entail the following tasks:

  • Analyze a record of your utility usage over the past year.
  • Interview your facility manager for their inputs.
  • Inspect building and site lighting, HVAC equipment and system(s), controls, and building automation systems Examine the building envelope for retrofit upgrade opportunities
  • Evaluate opportunities for the deployment of renewable energy applications.

Following the site visit, our energy auditor will develop a list of energy conservation measures that could reduce energy usage and costs in your building.

Each energy audit is unique and require a different level of attention. Typically, the auditor will then quantify the utility cost savings potential there is for each of the recommended energy measure and the estimated investment associated with implementation of each measure. The report then ranks each measure by the relative best benefit to cost ratio. After review of the energy audit report we will discuss your options and assist with your next steps.

Northern Weathermakers HVAC, Inc. has done something no other company can match. We have helped more Illinois companies get energy rebates and save more money by automating part or all of their HVAC systems.

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