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May, 2019

Mike Stas is a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of guy. When a client, a director of maintenance for a facility, mentioned to Mike that he wasn't sure how they would get all the work done to prepare for their upcoming 50th anniversary event, Mike offered to help. He showed up that Saturday morning and drove stakes in the ground for three hours so the client's staff could set up boundary fences to manage parking for the day.

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April, 2019

After Dallas Chiero-Osborne graduated from high school, he came to work at Northern Weathermakers as a shop hand and parts runner, assisting our service technicians. One year later, he entered our apprenticeship program.

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March, 2019

When the first signs of the Great Recession started in 2006, Andy Ramirez’ career as a land surveyor came to a screeching halt. His cousin, who at the time worked at Northern Weathermakers, suggested Andy join the company as a driver. At first he said no, but a month or so later he agreed to the interview. Soon after, he took on the role of parts driver, responsible for delivering parts and tools to job sites.

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January, 2019

When Fredi Pilkati left his homeland of Albania in 1992 to come to America, it was not, he said, like you see in the movies.

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November, 2018

When Glenn Howe's extended family gets together, neither he nor his three brothers nor his son will bring up the subject of sheet metal. The reason? They are all sheet metal workers – Glenn's son is the fourth-generation to choose this line of work – and long ago their wives made the rule that it was an out of bounds subject at gatherings.

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September, 2018

Ariel Rodriguez started playing music as a kid – piano, drums and any other percussion instrument he could lay his fingers on. Self-taught, he inherited his love of song from his dad, a songwriter who also built guitars from scratch. “My dad was a builder. Music was a hobby for him. He didn’t believe in a music career for me.

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August, 2018

When John Pegues first joined Northern Weathermakers as a service technician, he learned the true measurement – and ultimate compliment -- of his job performance was when a customer called for service and said, "Send that [John] guy again."

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May, 2018

Many people today are trying to "cut the cord" in all aspects of their life.

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March, 2018

When Rob Weaver was in 8th grade, he spent his weekends working on a nearby farm. His job was to pick up the 6,000-7,000 eggs laid daily by 15,000 chickens. Rob's careful handling of the product eventually led to a full-time job after high school gathering and grading the eggs.

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March 6, 2018

A little more than 40 years ago, a 20-something named Giorgio Bernardi showed up at Northern Weathermakers to ask for a job. He had several years of unrelated experience -- laying bricks and doing construction work -- so he wasn't a candidate we were too interested in hiring.

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January 1, 2018

Congratulations to Giorgio Bernardi on 40 years with the Northern Weathermakers HVAC.

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