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Commercial Service Installation Chicago

Just because commercial equipment is old does not mean it's time to replace it. Thanks in large part to a Northern Weathermakers Commercial Services Preventive Maintenance Program, many of our customers enjoy dependable heating and cooling in Chicago and surrounding areas from commercial equipment that is many years beyond the average useful life.

There inevitably comes a time, however, when it is best to replace commercial equipment. This can be when the equipment has surpassed its useful life, when it has been damaged, or when it no longer adequately serves its purpose.

One Stop Shop

Northern Weathermakers customers enjoy our "one stop shop" for equipment replacement. Our team can install virtually every make and model of commercial equipment, always looking for the very best fit for our customers' needs.

Because many of our customers don't make such purchases frequently, they rely on us for advice on matters such as capacity planning, energy costs, building codes, municipal permits, and extended warranties. We can perform equipment replacement projects on a "turnkey" basis, or can coordinate our installation team with our customer's electrician, roofer, etc.

Our vendor partnerships deliver for our customers the best options regarding crane or helicopter lifts, equipment moving and demolition services.

Time to Pause

When it's time to replace your commercial equipment, a "like-for-like" solution may not be your best alternative. Even if replacing equipment on an emergency basis, it is wise to pause to consider a load calculation. It is often wise to explore ductwork modifications, or supply register upgrades at the same time commercial equipment is replaced or upgraded.

This is also the most natural time to evaluate the controls. If you're making a capital expense, including new controls may be the right move for you. Trust Northern Weathermakers to help you with these decisions.

Building Expansion or Repurposing

Northern Weathermakers can design and install commercial equipment for building additions or expansions. Many of our customers have relied on us when they need to convert warehouse space to production areas, or to expand their office areas.

Contact us to inquire about our commercial installation services in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We proudly serve commercial and industrial customers throughout the greater Chicago area.

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